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  1. G

    Microblading percentage

    So I’ve just opened my first ever salon in October (now closes due to COVID) I have been wanting to get some in who does microblading... How much percentage do you take from the microblader? Or is it a weekly rent? I was thinking it’s 20% from each client you take as the owner. Is this...
  2. C

    Questions regarding operating a salon

    Hi all, New to SG, hoping some of you with some hands on experience of owning or managing a salon can help me out... I have my own mobile business in massage and beauty in London which does pretty well and I'm toying with the idea of opening a salon that also does massage and beauty, in...
  3. F

    USA regulations on air filters etc.

    From the Ohio State board site: In any licensed salon or barber shop, the service area shall be equipped with properly maintained commercial exhaust fans or air filtration equipment that is compliant with local and state commercial building codes." When I asked the state board what that meant...
  4. Acethetic

    Doctor requiring salon room for antiwrinkle treatments

    I'm an experienced doctor trained in injectable anti wrinkle treatments. I would like a salon room to set up base, and hoping to work alongside a professional and friendly (hair/beauty) salon. Ideally the salon would be located in London (and have excellent hygiene standards!) Happy to discuss...
  5. M

    How do I go from mobile to opening a salon?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I would really appreciate some friendly, professional advice... So I'm a L2&3 NVQ qualified beauty therapist and have been running my own mobile business for almost 2 years now after working 2 years in the salon (employed). I am doing extremely well, a...
  6. B

    New to this site!

    Hello to All! I am new to this site. I am a professional salon business owner and looking to navigate through this forum! Any suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated
  7. Cnbmakeup

    Rent a chair salon contract

    Looking for some advice on providing my salon girls with a rent a chair contract. How do I make it legally binding. Surely I can’t just type up a contract myself and have them sign this. Any help will be much appreciated ✨