Rent a chair salon contract


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Looking for some advice on providing my salon girls with a rent a chair contract. How do I make it legally binding.
Surely I can’t just type up a contract myself and have them sign this.
Any help will be much appreciated ✨


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You could do. Depending on what you put in it will depend if it's legally binding. Rent a chair is pretty straight forward as they're their own business inside your premises so you get no say over them so it's just a rental doc with you as their landlady.


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As above, it’s just a simple rental contract between two parties. Generally you need to include the fees payable (or percentage split), period that the fees cover (daily/weekly etc.) and what’s included in the rent such as basic laundry services, electricity, hot water, reception services etc.

Obviously, you cannot add any of your preferences or expectations as to how they should operate their business.


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And just to add, a solid contract is just the start. You need to make sure that the other criteria which HMRC will look at are also in place.

There’s a pinned Thread at the top on the Business Forum with the HMRC link.

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat through though :)