1. B

    Salon waste!

    Hi everyone, just wanted a little advice, I currently work in a salon, (renting a room) I have to get rid of the waste I.e take it home and dispose of as we haven’t got a salon bin! I do aesthetics (fillers, micro needling) and also do Dermaplaning, in terms of getting rid of the waste for...
  2. M

    Hairdressing studio room?

    I’m a mobile hairdresser and have been for 10 years, I’m considering finally setting up a base somewhere that’s not in my home, but don’t want to rent a chair in someone’s salon either. I’m thinking of doing what a lot of beauty therapists do, rent a ‘treatment room’ style mini hair studio with...
  3. M

    Finger/hand tattoos

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so I hope this is okay I am just after some advice, I have 13 tattoos all over some covered some not and that has never been a problem at my work place (I’m incredibly lucky) BUT I have always wanted a hand tattoo and some finger tattoos. I know what...
  4. M

    How do I go from mobile to opening a salon?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I would really appreciate some friendly, professional advice... So I'm a L2&3 NVQ qualified beauty therapist and have been running my own mobile business for almost 2 years now after working 2 years in the salon (employed). I am doing extremely well, a...
  5. LeeRodgers

    Business name

    Hiya Everyone! So I currently live in Northern Ireland and offer hair/make up services. I also offer beauty/holistic services but they are under a different name and I rent a room for those. Anyways! I am moving to Lincolnshire, still undecided wether Boston, Lincoln or Sleaford and will be...
  6. E

    Starting a new business

    Hi, I am looking to start my own business I was looking for some tips and requirements. I have a small room set up and I have just qualified in level 2 beauty and moving to level 3 soon. I also do gel polish, tanning, lash extension and bridal make up. I wanted to know what else I need, for...
  7. P

    High employee turnover?

    Hi all, I’m newly qualified and I’ve started applying for job vacancy’s. I’m just wondering what is deemed as high employee turnover? There is a salon where they always seem to have therapists leaving (10 in the past year) should this be ringing alarm bells? Another salon always seems to be...
  8. Cassie64207

    I want to get my rebonding (touch-up) done for the third time

    Hey! So I have naturally curly hair (2c, 3a) type but ny hair has always been extremely frizzy and unmanageable. The only thing I could possiblly do with my hair ever was to put it up in a bun. I personally, love styling my hair and so I used to hate my natural hair But a year ago, I got my hair...
  9. Nathanhayhair

    Salon chair to rent in Chelmsford town centre

    An attractive opportunity for a self employed hairdresser/colourist to rent a chair in a highly sort after location in chelmsford town centre. The location boasts many stand out features including Beautiful views over looking chelmsford cathedral/ spa and beauty services within the premises/...
  10. jen1989cuttie

    Sunbeds advice!

    I'm looking for sunbeds to buy, i came across a website that sells refurbished sunbeds for £1200 (the website said someting about small business's and i think it said its in kent) but me being silly i thought i would be able to remember the website. I've been searching and searching but i cant...
  11. T

    At home beauty salon?

    I’ve been mobile for over a year now in beauty, and was thinking of changing to do doing a home salon to make things easier for myself? Does anyone do home based beauty and would recommend it? Not sure how I feel about people coming in and out of my parents house as I’m only 19 and still living...
  12. I

    Maintaining healthy nails

    Hi there! I was looking for some tips or products to maintain healthy nails after or during acrylics. I want to keep my clients nails as healthy and strong as I can, because from their experience acrylics ruin their nails in the past (I’m assuming because of their nail techs). I do not do...
  13. N

    Hair extensions advice

    Hello! I am looking on some feedback from anyone who’s worked in a salon which has sold hair extensions. I would like to know how’s many hair extension would be sold on average a month. Basically I want to do a pop up shop in a salon or salons but I’d like to have an idea roughly on how many...
  14. R

    Rent a room

    Great opportunity to rent a room in Yeadon Leeds. We have a treatment room available within our hairdressing salon it's a great opportunity for a therapist to grow their business. The room cost just £25 per day. Please message me for more details.
  15. T

    Lighted mirrors for salon?

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. I'm looking for lighted mirrors/vanity mirrors for salons. Any recommendations please? Thanks!
  16. henyeboah

    $230 for color, good or too much?

    Hi, I plan to get my hair bleach and toned to a light blonde. I have dark 4C hair that has been dye(black). What is a reasonable price point? I know it will take two sessions to get that color I want. so per session is $230 a reasonable price.
  17. I

    I asked my hairdresser for blonde and got blue/grey!

    Please help, i dont know what to do. I have a wedding coming up in two weeks!!! My hair was blonde/orangeishhh when i went to the salon. I asked to get a pretty blonde without the orange. At first she bleached my hair and it was super yellowish white. Then she dyed it again and it is now...
  18. H

    Are discount sites like Treatwell ruining our business?

    I just wanted to get an idea of what others thought about discount sites such as Treatwell/ Groupon. Treatwell has recently put up their commission to 35%. Therefore, the time someone has a last minute discount plus that commission and post VAT we are getting barely anything for our services...
  19. H

    Self employed renting a chair in salon help

    does anyone have a set list that could help me out such as where to start with tax, how much stock should i buy and when, best way to advertise myself for walkins, how to keep records of what comes in and out, including my rent i pay. will be a cash only salon so hows best to keep the money...
  20. H

    Conservatory at home salon

    Hi All I was just wondering how many of you out there have converted your conservatories into an at home beauty room? I have a really nice space at home and am looking at going self employed and making it into my own beauty space as I’m currently working in a salon and feel I need more...