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  1. K

    Best spray tan

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a spray tan to bring into the salon please? I worked with fake bake and loved the results but can no longer get it. Thank you!
  2. madinicks

    How to get new customers?

    I am new to the forum so bear with me! Me (Madi) and my boyfriend Nick just opened a new mobile spray tanning business in Atlanta, Georgia. We have setup a website, google business, yelp, ect... We have ran google ads and landed a few new clients but nothing crazy! I was wondering if anybody...
  3. A

    Vita Liberata Allergic Reaction--

    Has anyone had a problem with VL Brazillian Tan? I have had 3 clients now that have had a reaction on their faces. I have been using it for 10 years and never had a problem before but to get 3 in a short space of time makes me think that they may have changed the formula.
  4. J

    Best tanning machine?

    Hi guys I recently qualified in spray tanning and started off using a tanning essential pro machine but the guns are useless and broke so quickly. looking to buy a new kit but don’t want to spend a massive amount, can I please have some recommendations on Reliable and good tanning machines...
  5. AshLovesTanning

    So Sue Me spray tan

    Hi girls, Has anyone used So sue me spray tan? Looking to buy it but want opinions first. Not usually one to buy from celebrities but need something new to try
  6. Demiamber

    Spray tan machine

    Hey guys I’m new here! :) I was wondering what spray tan machine you guys would recommend for someone just starting out in the business, so nothing too expensive but decent at the same time ☺️
  7. K

    Best spray tanning course?

    I’ve done so much research but just can’t decide! What would you recommend ladies? Best training and the best kit? X
  8. 2

    Looking for spray tan machine engineer, having issues with spray nozzle

    We're looking for an engineer to fix our automated spray tanning booth in Sunderland area If anybody knows of any please forward their details :)
  9. R

    British Beauty Academy

    Today I have attended a spray tanning course with the British beauty academy at Birmingham. In all honesty I was a little sceptical due to seeing mixed online reviews, however I am so glad that I went ahead with the course. At the start of the course we were provided an information manual and...
  10. Andrea Raynai

    Spray tanning hands dilemma

    Hello. I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on a little issue one of my clients had recently. We spray hands VERY lightly at the end of a spray tan and 99% of the time all is well. One client recently made a complaint that her hands were stained. When the therapist left the client her...
  11. L

    Question about clothing worn before a spray tan

    Hi. Long time lurker on the hair and nail forums but I need your help now. My daughter is getting a spray tan and the appointment is straight after school. I know for a spray tan you're meant to wear flip flops and loose clothing to a spray tan, but I'll have to pick her up straight from school...
  12. Nobronzeandboujee

    How can I start my own training course?

    Hey everyone! I own my own business and I wanted to start looking into offering a training course. I would like to not only offer the training but also make it possible for my students to be certified when they complete the course. I’ve been looking all over online and haven’t found one single...
  13. AshLovesTanning

    Prolong your spray tan

    As it's summer now, I feel the need to say the contrary on how to make your spray tan last longer. Prolonging your spray tan does not start with moisturiser but with what cleanser you use in the shower. Moisturiser moisturises dry skin, but if you use harsh cleansers in the shower that are...
  14. Errin Obrien

    Crazy Angel intensifier drops

    Hiya, I am switching to crazy angel tan but still have bottles of sienna. Am I able to use the crazy angel take me higher drops with other tans? Thanks for any info you guys may have x
  15. M

    Bondi sands spray tan!

    Hello, anyone here using bondi sands tan? I usually do 2 coats with my other spray tan brands but noticed on the bottle of this that it says not to overspray. I've had a client complain that I didn't spray her twice??? Really Anyhoo! Was just wondering what you all do with the bondi? Dosent say...
  16. Electric Beach Tanning

    Spray tan problem

    I am a certified spray tan tech but I don’t have a ton of experience under my belt. I have done about 20 so far. I haven’t had any complaints at all until the one I did last night. It’s a teenaged girl who now says it has some messed up spots. She’s coming back in today but I’m not totally sure...