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  1. florianb

    Blondor Seal&Care vs ColorMotion+ Post Color

    If I were to choose between Blondor Seal&Care vs ColorMotion+ Post Color, which one has the most acidic PH value? I assume Blondor would be the one, since it is meant to be used after lighting services. Also, would there be any benefit using it each washing, after using the mask? Thank you very...
  2. C

    Wella KP 9/04 help!

    Help I’m so confused— a client requested KP 9/04 as her single process base color but I don’t think it’s available in the USA? How could I go about making something similar? I plan on doing a few test formulations but would love to hear any suggestions! Thanks 🫠
  3. H

    Hair help asap

    My friend had her hair done somewhere else and hates it. She wants her natural colour put back through. She a base 6 what would u advice ? She still wants to keep some of the blonde but not all of it The last picture is what she is after @ronray
  4. C


    I’ve currently got full head bleach I used wella blondor cream bleach with 20 vol and I used 9a box dye, I’m wanting to use full head tint once my root starts showing can I use wella kp 10/8 as that’s more or less the colour my hair is and my natural base is 7/8 if I can’t what vol do I use and...
  5. H

    Wella T18 question…

    Hey guys! So, my mom lightened her own hair and toned it with wella T18. Well, it’s too ashy for her taste. It’s silvery and ashy. I’m not the best with toners and am a little lost to be honest. Does she need to re-tone it? I recommended she use 10 volume developer but I’m not sure what wella...
  6. Ineslassoued2010

    Wella illumina advice

    After coloring roots with 7.81 and 6 illumina with 1.9% pastel color and rest of hair with 9.03 and 10 and 9.7 the hair was fine but after first wash hair turned brassy and orangy what should i do
  7. S

    Wella KP color help please!

    Hi, what a great community! A new older client has 100% white/some gray hair. Her previous colorist (another state) did a beautiful light blond with some gold lowlights for years. Mix - Wella Kp 99/0 1 oz, 88/0 1/2 oz, 8/0 one inch, 6 % volume. Client did box dyes during covid. With the...
  8. Beau91

    Wella colour

    Hi so I have a client that was Bleach blonde highlights all over She put 5.5 all over her hair with a box colour. It's very patchy and as you can imagine fading. She wants a nice rich brown. I've always used wella so want to stick with that. Just wondering what you guys would use to...
  9. C

    Wella Colour Touch pink rinse tone

    Hi there! My client is 95% gray and is asking for the pinky/lilac colour in the photo. I highly doubt bleaching is going to be an option and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this formula. I'm thinking colour touch might work well 10/0 + a touch of /65 or even 10/6 added as...