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  1. Z

    Wella formula help

    Hi guys what wella formula would you use for root and as a toner for ends of this photo attached Thanks so much
  2. H

    Prepig hair question

    I have a client who used to get a full head of highlights, but now has 4 inch of regrowth , natural level 6. But now wants change to go to a level 5 brown with copper lights. I know I can prepig hair with perfection, but then I would have to lift lights again to lift the /44 perfecton out...
  3. B

    Wella Color Touch help!

    My natural virgin hair colour is around a level 4 and I have it coloured at the salon just to give it extra shine. My hair dresser uses Wella color touch in the shade 6/7 with 1.9% emulsion. it gives my hair a lovely gloss and I get this topped up around every 2 - 3 months which is applied to...
  4. J

    Burgundy/plum hair colour recommendations

    Hello everyone :) looking for advice on how to achieve this colour I’ve attached. will be putting the colour on a base 6 ends and roots are a 7. I used wella or L’Oréal, I was thinking wella 55/65 and for the roots I would mix some base 4/0 in. But let me know what you think :) Thank you
  5. E

    Adding depth to blonde hair

    Hey, so I never colour my own hair but am going to this week. I was very blonde but over lockdown I toned the blonde down and my hair has grown out quite a bit. I want to add quite a lot of depth to it but keep some blonde, especially framing my face. I’ve gone a little brass and ideally want...
  6. D

    Help with brass

    my client whilst in lockdown has bleached her hair 3 times. Natural level 4. Hair didnt lift well she went orange and has since used an ash blonde box dye. Which is extremely brassy. She wants to stay as light as possible but ive refused to bleach anymore as hair is compromised. I use wella I...
  7. G

    Wella toners

    Hey Guys! I wanted to find out what wella toners everyone loves? i always go for the standard 10/16 koleston perfect, but i wanted to see if anyone else uses any other shades. Most of my clients are young and wanting to lightest of blonde shades, therefore i use this shade as it isnt any what...
  8. Joevandish

    Olaplex N° 1 with Wella Colour Touch

    Good evening all, Hope the quarantine isn't getting you down too much :/ I have a question about olaplex used with wella colour touch. I pre-lightened my hair today to a pale blonde and tried using a formula provided by a member here ... But weirdly the toner didn't really take- I mean, it...