12/89 went pink!


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Apr 2, 2011
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So i done a set of hilights lastnight using bleach and 6% and 12/89 12% (i always use this on this client) and the 12/89 has gone pink?!! It has Certainly never done this before and iv no idea how to fix it! Its not really pink just a hint but you can notice it slightley. Will i have to go over all the hilights or can i used a toner or something to get it out?? PLEASE HELP!!:sad:
Just wash it, you over lapped your highlights and the tone has grabbed x
she had about 3 inch of regrowth and its on the root area not on the ends :(
That's why then, the roots are too big for the scalp heat to develop properly, or you didn't mix it spot on, did you use heat? X
No didnt use any heat. Its only like the first few folis that i done that have went that way. Do you know anything i could use on it to nutralise the pink? Iv never came across anything like this b4.x
If Its the first few the tone has over toned, just wash, it'll come out x

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