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Jun 16, 2009
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Hi My client normal has bleach hi lights and 6/0 on roots in between to cover her grey. She now wants to go darker all over with a target shade of 6/7. Would it be best to pre pig the high lights first maybe with /33 or /43 or can I go straight in with 6/7. I need permanent colour on the roots to cover the grey but would I use colour touch or permanent on the bleach? I appreciate any advise. :)
Hi I've used 6/7 7/7 and 8/7 with 6% over bleached hair without pre pig with really good results thanks to the advice of a hair geek ! how much grey does she have ?

I am breaking up the amount of bleach on a client at the mo who's previous hair dresser was a bit of a bleach maniac. She has about 30% grey and is roughly a 5 maybe 6 natrual, so I am using 6/7plus 6% in slices ( from root to tip )and doing one slice one weave if bleach just on her roots its working and she's really pleased. hth
Thanks for the advice. I would say she has 50% grey so would need to have some 6/0 on the roots. So if I use 6/7 with 6% on the bleach without pre pigging do you think the colour would hold? thanks in advance :)
I personally would use 6/75 rather than 6/7, only as I have found that 6/7 on top of bleach can go an odd khaki colour but with the 5 in there aswel it turns out a much better colour and will last longer on bleached hair :) x
Go with the colour that you thinks suits, personally I'v never had a kakhi colour from the /7 line, yes you would need the base added as well, do a couple od testers, that'l take any worries away x

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