A bit disheartened, or am I overthinking?


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Aug 28, 2015
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Hello lovelies,
I'm studying nails through distance learning and I got my first ever assessment feedback through, and I got a pass, out of pass/merit/distinction. I'm not sure if I'm overthinking it but I'm really disappointed in myself, especially when i got lots of praise for one piece that i submitted.
Does anyone have any tips about how to stop being such on a downer and carry on?!
Thank you x
(And I dont mind being told to put my big girl undies on!!!)
This doesnt necessarily mean you're worse at nails then someone who would get a merit... could be lots of factors, like you missed out on aftercare or something (thats just an example i have no idea whats involved in nails)
Well for what it's worth, 12 years ago I did my first nail course through distance learning and got distinction. But when I started on paying clients I soon discovered I needed another course because my nails looked good but didn't last. So my distinction didn't count for much! Although I did really well with all the theory and stuff what I actually needed was a real person beside me to show me where I was going wrong (in my case it turned out to be mainly structure)

So while distance learning is convenient and a starting point I don't see how it can ever fully replace a classroom based course (or one to one which costs a lot but you can progress much quicker plus it's all about you, not several of you).

And a distinction doesn't mean you can't make mistakes or get it wrong. Just as a pass doesn't mean you're only just good enough. It is what it is, it's a springboard to other stuff and it's what you make it.

Good luck with your new career :)
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