A couple of gel polish questions


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Jan 27, 2016
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Hi all, I'm still at college training so apologies if these are daft questions but I'm confused...

A friend of mine came to have a gel polish the other day and asked if I could soak off her gel polish she'd had done elsewhere. She said they'd used opi colour but something different for base/top as she'd complained it started chipping within a day last time, she couldn't really understand the lady as she had a strong chinese accent but she told her it definitely wouldn't happen this time. I've soaked off opi before with no problem but when it came to doing it it this time it just wouldn't budge!!! I've never had this issue before, the acetone almost absorbed into the polish and dried instantly, my friend had to leave to pick her kids up from school and ended up using an electric buffer to get it off at home. She then came back for her polish but even then it looked like dried glue on her nails - what on earth could they have done to her nails? (I didn't touch her nails, as felt she needed professional advice so sent her in the direction of someone qualified)

Also unrelated but does anyone use ink fortify to help with longevity of gel polish - any good?xx
They may have used a hard gel and hard gel top coat. Did you file off the top coat?
I'm betting they used hard gel

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