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May 6, 2004
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I think I have my first.

The lady in question had her nails done two weeks ago, bought some solar oil and has used it relgiously and she came in for her infills today and they were all still on and NO lifting, to say I was chuffed was an understatement. She was delighted with them as a previous time she had them (with someone else) they kept comiong off and it was costing her a full set price every two weeks!

Well she has re-booked again for two weeks and so I have a big smile today, roll on my next!
aaah well done cant wait to have that feeling am hoping my first real client i did tuesday nite will be my first regular client woo hoo really pleased for you x
Good on ya...its a lovely feeling isn't it..long may it continue
Nice one babe xxxxxxxxxxx

Take care Dawnie
It's fantastic, and thank you to all on here with your fantastic help and advice and kind words xxxx
Well done - you know you are on the way!! Keep it up


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