A regular has dyed her own hair


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Jul 9, 2015
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Been doing full head foils of bleach and 9-1 (igora) for quite a while now on a lady and at her last appointment she said next time she'd like full head bleach and then pastel colours, we didn't book it in at the time as we didn't know her shifts so I said I'd wait to hear from her.
Tonight she's messaged me to see if I could dye her hair extensions to match her hair... Her hair is now brown as apparently her friend tried to dye her hair pastel colours and it turned out to be a disaster so just put a brown over it. I've asked what brown she used and she said she doesn't know but it wasn't a home dye (makes me wonder if she's gone to a different stylist!)
I said if she has just put a basic brown over the blonde then there's a good chance the hair will have a khaki hue and she's now just said it was pre pigmented so a professional must have done it....
Just find it a bit cheeky that she now wants me to colour her extensions to match :-/ sorry just needed to rant a bit lol.
Wow some people have a nerve I wouldn't do it tell her ur not insured to dye extensions u haven't purchased not worth the risk or the money anyway trying to get extensions toned down and matched perfectly for her to trot on to some one else
If she's willing to pay for it I simply don't see the problem.

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