Acrylic advice please


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I've recently qualified in Acrylic nail services but I don't feel confident enough to charge for this service yet. I'd prefer to practice more but don't seem to be able to get people interested. Any ideas?


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This was 100% me before I started to sell my service! I would say think small and simple and start off with just getting your name out there. Take advantage of social media platforms and the different way to get people engaged with your posts and also how you can monitor that. I started off with raising funds to put on an event for a charity and I offered my nail tech services which grew in popularity as there aren't many mobile nail techs around here. Don't be shy to ask businesses to advertise for you and keep posting! Another way to grab consumer attention is competition! Offer freebies such as "Book now to be in with the chance of winning...' hope this helps. x


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im in exactly the same boat as you, i dont seem to be able to get people who want acrylics done, ive even offered to do it for free! everyone wants gel which is something i find pretty straight forward and definitely should be charging for. it gets a bit disheartening as i want to improve so i feel confident to charge for my services and set up a business.


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I agree Mellington. It's a vicious circle. I want to improve but need clients to do it on. But I can't seem to attract anyone so I can't improve. Like you I have even offered my services for free but only get maybe 2or 3 people a week.
I'm starting to feel as though I have wasted my money in training to learn a skill that I don't even get a chance to perform

I’d look into learning about marketing techniques, also offer free services for a few models and take the best photos, people want proof of your work and proof that you’re skilled so by posting photos and constantly engaging with people on social media or through other marketing methods, you are ensuring you’re reaching a wider market.