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Jan 19, 2015
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I LOVE doing nails, but ive not done a set of acrylics for about three years! I did a full set with white tips with pink and white powder last week on my friend and although they wasnt that bad ive got along way to go but i felt pleased with myself, fast forward to now and ive just tried to do a set on myself and they look herendous!! I only did one hand in the end! Please tell me if i keep practising i will improve before i get seriously disheartened on myself.
Can anyone give me any tips and share their stories on getting good at acrylic nails x
Practicing is good but only if you're practicing the right techniques!

How long ago did you train in acrylics?
I done my nail course 2 years ago & didn't get shown how to do the pink and white acrylic , Iv only just started to do them, don't get disheartened it's just practice, you will get there in the end,I found videos on youtube really helpful, i do the pink 1st file around the smile line and then do the white it worked for me so maybe give it ago? It's not the best advise but practice is perfect and remember doing them on your self is a lot harder then trying on someone else, hope it helps x

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