New member, needing Guinot help please.


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Feb 17, 2023
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I only discovered this site recently, ironic because I actually retired a few years ago. I will be 70 this year, so it wasn't before time ! I joined this site because I miss salon life and want to stay in touch with the industry. I will also happily give advice if I can.

When I retired, I kept my Hydradermie machine, but no longer have a Guinot account since I retired. I still carry out Hydradermie Lift on myself, but was running out of products. I cant buy from Guinot now, so I looked online and bought from someone on eBay 🤫 I bought three Hydradermie products, Yeux, Cou Buste Décolleté and Oxygenante. The tubes look totally authentic, but the back is mostly Arabic with French, however, the products don't seem right. I always found Yeux to be a clear blue, Cou Buste to be green, these are a white milky substance. The Oxygenante is a slightly runnier consistency than I'm used to. Could someone currently using Guinot please tell me if the products have changed colour or consistency since I retired ? Do I have fake products or am I out of touch with the products ? I've attached some photos. The genuine Oxygenante is on the right of my hand, the other is on the left of my hand. I would really appreciate someone's help


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What kind a beauty services did you do? Just facials?
No, I did various Guinot face and body treatments. Also electrolysis for hair removal and veins, G5 and the usual salon treatments
Hi everyone! I am new aboard and happy to join.

Welcome to the site a.f.dale1!

Honestly, I haven't noticed any major color changes in Guinot products during my time using them. But it's true I stick to authorized retailers or buy directly from Guinot's official website (I avoid always shady online sources).

I bet you have to reach out to their customer service or chat with a skincare pro who knows their stuff.

All in all, Guinot products have worked wonders for me. Just make sure you're getting the real deal. Take care!

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