Acrylic kits in highstreet retailers


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Dec 16, 2003
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:twisted: I am so so mad, went to see a new client last night for her infill & one of her overlays had come clean off :( & :o (very surprised) but even more so when rather than calling me to come a do a quick repair/replacement (£2 or FOC depending, which i stress in my aftercare advise to call me for any advise, problems or questions etc) she decided to buy a kit and have a go, "as after watching me it didn't look that hard to do" :rolleyes:

Anyway I removed the overlay nail (which soaked off in 2 minutes) But I am very worried about clients doing this to themselves, and why are such big high street beauty shops selling items that should only be applied by a professional :!: :!:

Could the ANT do something about these products being sold :?: such as a national advertising campaign, I would hate for anyone to damage their nail for life, and be left with a bad option of nail extensions even if they did do their own. Does anyone else come across this and what can be done to educate the general public other than our word or mouth?

I am please that she has promised not to use this again and call me in the future :eyesore:
i had a new client call at the weekend and practically beg me to take her on after she did a full set of these . when she could never get an appointment with the tech that did her first few treatments , she bought a kit from boots and decided to dob her own. of course it turned out to be a bit more tricky than she thought! when she arrived she was so embarrassed, man those nails looked monstrous!!! fortunately she had not done any harm to her natural nails - from what she said i think the abrasives supplied were of such poor quality it was not possible to. she was absolutely thrilled with her p/w sculpts, i could see her tension draining away as the service progressed. on top of all that she was a very interesting lady. she rebooked. i do worry about the possible safety issues involved in these shop bought kits.but the upside is that they are bringing us extra business.
A friend of mine, has done her own, as she said she was bored one night, and managed to file all her skin off, i didnt no what to say, but i don't think she will be using them herself again as her fingers are so sore. I told her all the consequences and let her read a few of my books and she realised that it was better to wait a few days for me, but how do we stop people doing the same thing and there is no age restriction.

Well girls,
This happens all the time and like it or not, we gain clients from these DIY disasters....................
As for public awareness, well it is up to us to educate clients about DIY nails...................
We are there first port of call when things go wrong, and then we have a captive audience so to speak, when they sit in our chair for what ever time it takes, to sort out the mess they have got themselfs into.............

So get reading, check out the ingredients labels on the DIY kits, read up and get educated and then give out honest and educated facts........

The public can't ignore facts,but they can ignore leaflet and other write ups....... The word of mouth, is the strongest weapon you will have in helping you, to get product education across to the public............

I have never yet seen a write up or warning about DIY hair colouring.........!!!!!!..........

But many Hairdressers are left with a hairstyle and colour from hell to sort out...................
But boy do you get told whats what whilst you sit in their chair...........
(I speak from experience here) and I for one leave it up to the professional to do the job they have so hard trained and qualified for........
and I am sure your clients will to, after a little bit of education from their fully qualified and well educated Technician............................
Afterall ones bitten should be twice as shy !!!!!!!!!!

just my thoughts
Thanks for this Ruth, I have dealt with 2 cases of this so far and hopefully with the chat we had about this they won't want to use this again.

I must get Douglas Schoon's book on Nail Products & Chemistry as I assume this will give me all the ammo I need to really educate my client's for any future disasters....
Like Ruth said, you go into any boots/superdrugs and what do you see virtually covering the whole of one aisle? oh yes, various different hair dyes. Well let's face it, nobody can colour their hair as well as their hairdresser............and the same will be said about nails!!

I've had a couple of client's come in thinking they can do it themselves - well let them try - they'll soon come back to you with their tails between their legs and what's more, they'll give you the respect you deserve ;)

I must agree with the general consensus here and say that it would be impossible to stop cheap kits being sold in Boots and other high street stores. There will always be customers who want to 'have a go' and most will be unsuccessful and go back to their technician who does a great job in half the time!

As I mentioned in a previous post on the ANT topic our plan this year is to appoint a PR company who will continuously promote nails, nail services and the industry and general and the strong message will be 'Go to the Professionals'.

Julie Day
That's great news Julie I look forward to seeing the articles...
and I absolutely agree with you all that these products will never be withdrawn I just worry that a home hair dye -v- a home acrylic set could cause far more permanent damage to the nail then a tough of green hair!

But like we say were are here to educate and promote and hopefully as you all agree once bitten twice shy and the message will get through very quickly that the professional is the only way to go and no cheap short cuts.
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