Acrylic Nails and Diabetics


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Jan 12, 2003
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:D Hello all

I need to enquire as I have never really been sure whether acrylics can be applied on to a diabetic persons nails. The reason I ask is because I need a model for my course next week and am struggling to find some one. I am reluctant to have my mum come along because she is a diabetic, not insulin dependant though, I am not sure if that info matters :D

I look forward to your replies

Take care

Dear Hazel,

I am not 100% sure but I think it is safe enough, providing you are carefull and do not over file the natural nail and do not cause any sort of bleeding to the skin around nail.

Hope this helps.

Sharon X
Hi Hazel
I f I was you I would rather have an OK from the doctor for a Diabetic person.
I do know that drills are not recommended as the friction can cause damage to the nail bed or the matrix bed.
and if the cuticle area is cut can cause a problem.
I am sure your mum would be ok as long as her blood sugars are under good control.
Hope this helps.
Take care Dawnie
Hi Hazel,

My hubby is a diabetic and when I was practising I did not have any problems with the nails staying on him - he objected to the red varnish though lol.

I would advise that you speak with Vanessa as she has extensive experience with applying nails to diabetics.

[email protected]

Good luck
Thanks for the replies everyone, I am pretty sure that she would be okay but I will enquire with Vanessa as you suggested Fiona :D

Thanks again all and take care

The reason that a working on a diabetic person can be a concern to the nail technicain is not to do with wether or not the nail enhancements will stay on, but rather the physical condidtion itself can be a cause of poor circulation in the extremities (hands and feet) which can affect how quickly a person heals if the soft tissue surrounding the nail beds (fingers or toes) is abraded. If healing is VERY slow, then infection is a cause for concern.

Most diabetics these days are well under control with medication and it is generally not a contra-indication to performing a nail service. You can work perfectly happily on a person with diabetes but do a thorough consultation as always. The client will certainly be well aware of her condition and will be the first to tell you if she has concerns.

If you feel you must get the doctors permission, there is a very good sample letter under the NVQ section on the web site.
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