Acrylic nails coming off


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Oct 30, 2013
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Hi am a new here and start an acrylic nail course 2 weeks ago we've had this week off and been told to practise what we have learned, well I did a full set, buffed the nail, stuck the tip on, blended the tip, applied primer then applied the acrylic, now it hasn't even been a week and according to the girl who I practiced on all of the nails have came off, what am I doing wrong??? Any help would be grateful[/COLOR]
Have you fully dehydrated an etched the nail prior to putting on the tip? Xx
Hi babe I feel your pain, I been doing acrylics on and off now for a year... Just getting into probaly now as I have more time. I still have girls complaining of nails cracking and popping off, it could be a number of reasons, I've made mistakes before where I have applied the acylic too thin and of course if there too thin they just won't last, also your mix ratio needs to be spot on, if its too runny or dry this can also cause problems... Getting your prep right is so important because if there is still over grown cuticle or dead skin this can cause lifting, there was a thread on here by Gigi who wrote a brilliant piece all about acrylic application, about zone 1,2 and 3 and for the first time it made sense. Unfortunately I'm new on here and have no idea how to direct you too that thread Hun, please don't feel disheartened like you say you have only been doing it a few weeks, it takes time and plenty, plenty, plenty of practice . I found watching online videos helped me on mix/ratio zones and building your arch/apex and application. I've just recently switched over to cnd retention + l&p and I've heard nothing but brilliant things about it, it's made to give extra adeshtion to the nail plate. Don't give up Hun your get there soon enough
Also don't be too hard on yourself. You're 2 weeks in. It takes time, practice, and a lot of self evaluation. One thing you want to keep in mind aside from perfect prep and product ratio, is whether you're pressing each bead in good enough. Just lightly dabbing a bead on a nail is not going to give it a good bond. But you also don't want to squish the bead on, if that makes sense.

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