Broken Nail— Bleeding


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Jan 14, 2023
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Help! I was getting my nails done, I had an old set on and they had to remove and out a new set. Nail tech didn’t soak, she cut the tips and used tip of nail to pop them off. It didn’t hurt or anything so I guess that’s fine. However on one finger, the old acrylic didn’t want to come off. She kept trying to remove it and was messing around. Eventually she hit my real nail. It started to hurt and started bleeding. She filed it down instead. I told her to not apply and skip that finger but didn’t listen. My real nail cracked in half and was bleeding. Instead of taking care of it, she put the nail glue and continued to apply product. I really love my nails but I’m scared of infection. Unsure what to do!
Was this one of the quick and cheap salons? Definitely make sure you tell them, and if it's not sore and bleeding at the moment, go somewhere else to get them removed properly x
Why do we feel obligated to sit and be tortured AND pay for it?
Why do we feel obligated to sit and be tortured AND pay for it?

Early in my nail career, nearly 20 years ago, my training model (best mate) came to one of my first exams and was absolutely astounded to find out getting her nails done didn't (and wasn't supposed to) hurt.

She'd been going to a cheapy nail bar for years and just assumed that it was supposed to hurt a bit like waxing. She assumed beauty was pain :eek:

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