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Sep 17, 2007
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newbridge, kildare, ireland
I've recently did my acrylic course wih NSI and am finding it a lot more harder to grasp than i did gel... my main problem in lifting and the extension being quite thick is there any little tips that can help me out please....:rolleyes::cry::cry::cry:
Lifting is usally do to improper prep is all dead skin removed, oils,etc.. is the shine buffed off? Are yiu working too wet or too dry for your system? Is there any way you can ask your teacher for help still? Call the help line for your product see if you can get any answers from them
i too agree that lifting is usually due to improper prep so do make sure you dont rush it.practice applying the acrylic on some tips.this will help with your mix ratio and product sure when you have that sorted out then you will automaticlly notice that your nails are not as thick as could also practice your bead sizing on some kitchen roll.make a small bead for the little finger then gradually make them bigger till you get a bead big enough for zone 1 on the thumb etc... hope that makes sense.just keep practicing

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