Acrylics lifting!


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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi all!
Just wondering what advice anyone has for me re i applied some acrylic nails to myself as i have done many times and this is the first time that most of them have begun to lift!

I didnt apply them to close to the cuticle, but i had just removed a set beforehand could this have anything to do with it i wonder!?!

Lou xxx :D
Need to know more info.


1- how soon after application did they start to lift
2- Where the lifting started (i.e. Zone 3)
3- Is the lifting consistent across all nails?

Lemme know


Thankyou for your quick reply!

In answer to your questions:

1. Probably about 4 days after application

2. The lifting has started at the cuticle end of the nail, although i was careful not to apply to near cuticle, as i know thiis can cause lifting.

3. It has lifted on 7 nails!!!
I look forward to hearing from you,

Lou xxx :D

edited by the geek: The cyan coloring on some of your text was impossible to read! ;)
That soon after application on that many nails usually means that there was not adhesion in that area to begin with.

Couple more things:

1- What so you remove the cuticle with
2- could you detail the PREP steps you used
3- Did the nails continue to lift at a quick pace
4- Is this common for you... or a one off

Toodles :)
1. I removed cuticle with a pteryigum pusher

2. I prepared the nail plate as i always do by etching and applying primer

3. Not really, they have only lifted at the base of nail and none of them lifted straight off!

4. Nope not common at all, its the first time its happened thats why ive sought your advice!!!

Ps: could it be that i soaked a full set off before applying a new set!

Thanx, Lou xxx :D
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