acylic lifting off whole nail


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Jul 18, 2007
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Sorry to sound stupid, but i am very inexperienced in L&P and only do my own nails at present. I am finding that when i do my nails they are fine for about 3 days then if i put pressure on the tips they start to lift from the back as if the whole layer of acrylic would just come away.

Do you think it is because i am putting too much on or maybe the consistency is too wet, as my prep is sound. Its soooo annoying i don't think i'll ever be able to do clients.I am using Yound Nails L&P. I never had this sort of problem with Gel.
are you using all the young nails recomended prep products ?
are you allowing your primer to dry before you start placing the product.
are you getting product on the skin.
are you getting it too thick in the cuticle area and preventing flexibility.
Well i'm using scrub fresh instead of the young nails dehydrater but i didn't think think this would matter as everyone raves about it, i am using a primer pen that i got from Sally's that i always used when doing Gel with no problems, but i probably am getting it too thick around the cuticle area.

I think i just need to practice more.
I would definitely recommend that you use the Young Nails Swipe and Protein bond. Both products are designed to be used with the Young Nails products so I would certainly give that a try and see what difference it makes. Also if you are applying the product too thick in the cuticle area as already said then this can cause lifting. Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.
Thanks very much for that, i will order the young nails prep products and i will just have to practice, practice, practice to get it thin at cuticle, i was getting close to giving up.I will keep you posted as to how i get on.

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