Advertising for potential future clients whilst im still new


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Apr 26, 2003
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hi girls
i am wanting some advice on how i should advertise my nail services whilst im still effectively a trainee...i was thinking of putting an ad in the paper, leaflet drop...? what wording should i use...i just want to build up my confidence for a month or so till i feel ready to charge the full going rates...rite now i dont feel i should charge the going rate coz im still learning and im no pro yet!!! ideas please...thanks
hi nailtiqe

I just became a mobile tech about a mth ago and what i did was spent a lot of time and money on designing a brochure business card etc and placed these into an envelope with a voucher for a discount off a first service. I then posted about 300 in the village where i live and i heard nothing back! Ive not gave up though (even though i was distraught) i have continued practising at home designing nail art etc and as the offer i originally did ends next week i have paid for 300 leaflets Ive made (reminding about the offer ending) to be placed into the local newspaper (costed £6 for 100) i find this much easier than walking the village for 3 days like i originally did! I also pay 60p a week for an ad in the newsagent window for every week. Where i live it tends to be word of mouth and now i have one regular client she shows people her nails and im doing a system where she hands out 5 business cards with her name on the back if i get 2 back then she gets a free service etc etc so hopefully i will gain more customers as time goes on. It is hard work and you have to have the patience of a saint but keep going and im sure you (and me hopefully haha!) will be as successfull as some of the great ladies on this site!

sorry for the long post but just wanted to let you know what id done being in your position a mth ago! Im still not brilliant at nails but im determined i wil be one day soon.

best of luck and let me know how you go on

hi ya...thanks for that...i am doing a leaflet drop in a few weeks...was going to put ad in paper too, go round tanning salons etc ask them to have some of my biz cards/leaflets...i also heard from another board to maybe see if i can put an ad in the summer fete brochure at my daughters/sons school...
oh and ive registered with, the beauty directry, which ive already had 1 call from...
did u do ur own leaflets/brochures on the computer? ive found publisher on my comp and u can product some really good one's...
lv vicky x
hi vicky

yes i did my own literature on my pc. As id just got a new one recently i got a very good printer (a photo quality one) i bought some hp glossy brochure paper and used this to make my brochures (3 fold ones) and also just white paper ones looked great. I bought avery quick and clean business cards (about 10 pounds for 50 from argos) and with them you get a cd program where you design the card from scratch so they were very good value i think as in the end my cards looked lovely (no preforated edges which you get with some of the other brands of business cards) if i say so myself :D i do know there is a website that gives you 250 free business cards so maybe you can nosey at that site.
Just another quick point i have realised the best advertising is also wearing your nails permanantly whenever i pay at any store for anything people are looking at your nails esp. if you have nail art on them (even just a few rhinestones stuck on).

hope some of this info might help you and feel free to ask anything else,

Here in the US it is good to network with other local business owners. It is an easy "in" and they may become your clients or they may support their clients becoming your clients. I joined a local business association for a small fee per month and have had lots of return from word of mouth. Plus they wrote up a small article and submitted it to the local magazine and it was published back in February! I received many calls that month!

Also, in the paper there are lists of new homes purchases in specific regions or postal codes. I just go in the paper and get out the names and addresses of the new homeowners and send the postcards to them directly. You could say "looking for a nail saon in town" or something to that effect. I got a nice return off of these as well.

Leigh Ann
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