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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
Somebody please help me!!!! I am really struggling with a new design and special offers for a new flyer!!
i had decided that as soona s christmas was over i would pay a professional to print me some new flyers and some new price lists but i am stumped ! i can't design one, i can't think of any fantastic treatment offers that will say wow!!!! My mind has drawn a blank!!!! i don't have a fortune to spend and the printer said he will print them if i get the design on to disc , does anybody have any design ideas or any special offer ideas..

It's difficult to advise on design ideas without knowing what sort of image/clientele you are going for.... Also, with regard to special offers, again it's difficult to advise without knowing how much you can afford your profit to be eaten in to as invariably special offers comprise of cutting prices or giving things away for free!

However, some ideas I've tried in the past have been:-

Reducing the price of a full set of nails (a specific amount off seems to work better than a %)
Offering first rebalance at a discount for any full sets booked before a certain time
Free upgrade on a manicure eg if you offer cuticle work only, throw in polish for free
Free nail art with all full sets - just something really simple and quick like a daisy on each finger.

Not sure if I'm going along the right lines for you but if you want to e:mail me direct and can give me anymore info, I'll try and rack my brains for other ideas for you!!!!!

Emma x
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