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Nov 6, 2005
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:rolleyes:Hi there everyone!
I need a little help, I want to do a big push on my Creative Spa Treatments for the winter months (I know I'm in Spain, but it still feels cold compared to the Summer Temperatures we are used to and it get's damp where I am), but most of my customers are very money concious and always go for standard treatments so I wanted to do some adv in local papers and mags and do a load of flyers to entice people in, to have a Spa Treatment for a change. I am not the best marketing geek in the world, so could anyone help on some ideas and words to use to entice people in out of the cooler weather and indoors. I work in a hair salon, and only have an area in the shop, so I have to make the most of my space as far as turning a standard treatment into a Luxury one. Any help and advice greatly appreciated.
Hi newatnails !!

It's a little difficult to persuade people to do pedicures in winter months.

What I would suggest is to tell your existing clients about the service you want to offer and if they are happy they will tell others as well.

But the Spa Marine Masque gives you a cool effect so it would probably best to avoid it. You can use instead paraffin treatment and if you don't have one then invest in the Raw Earth Foot Mask.
You don't need to buy the whole range of Raw Earth, just the mask, I have used it also with the Marine Spa Pedicure and it really works well. It gives you a warm feeling. You can combine it with hot boots, or warm towels, but if you don't have these, then wrap the feet with kitchen plastic wrap, it will keep the warmth.

You can also do basic Pedicures if your clients are money tight, by using the Sensations wash and lotions. They have lovely smells, if you do a search in the forum you will find which ones are the most popular.
You can also use the Spa range for a basic pedicure by excluding the scrubs and the mask. You can also use Sensations lotion after a Spa pedicure instead of Massage Oil.

You can make endless combinations.

I've done a little search here and this is a useful thread about polish in winter, though I haven't tried it :

In the Nail magazine of this month there is an article about how to persuade clients for a winter pedicure:
Nails Magazine - home

There is also another article with nice marketing approaches that you can use their ideas:
Eamee.Net » Blog Archive » Building Your Winter Pedicure Business: 5 Case Studies

Also in Nails magazine in a previous issue they had some fantastic easy recipes that you can use for pedicures:

Creative's promotion of the Raw Earth range is "Get ready for summer sandal season" something that you can use around February or March.

Also Creative has described her Marine Spa Pedicure with this words:

"The ultimate in pedicures. A luxurious, marine-inspired “facial for the feet,”
which features a 4-step exfoliation process of beach sand, quartz crystals, sea salt and alpha-hydroxy acid, followed by a rejuvenating marine-algae foot masque, and award winning Cucumber Heel Therapy to relieve dry, cracked heels. Finished with a pampering foot and calf massage and a perfect polish of the nails."

and Raw Earth:
"A super-hydrating, aromatherapeutic pedicure packed with vitamins and minerals to promote beautiful, healthy-looking feet. Feet are cleansed with a fizzing mineral soak followed by a warm sugar scrub to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin. A moisturizing volcanic clay foot masque deeply hydrates in preparation for a relaxing foot and calf
massage. Finished off with a meticulous polish of the nails."

The above may inspire you on how do describe your pedicures.

I also googled the word :"winter pedicure" and find how other salons have promoted their pedicures, you can do that you will find some more ideas.

I found for example this salon's description:
Bodylicious-Spaah: Amanda's Spa Services

and also some other: - Fight the Winter Blahs with a Minty Pedicure

and here: - Natural Foot Care

From the above two links I liked their introduction

Phew!! I think that was it, I hoped it helped and wish you best of luck with your promoting !! :hug:
Hi Klara,
Thankyou very much for your reply, you have obviously put alot of thought into it. I have done some research on the net also, but sometimes I tend to overload my brain with too much, then never know where to start.
Thanks again:)

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