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Dec 10, 2022
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Hi all, do any of you have experience performing treatments on under 14s? I really don’t feel comfortable doing it but the salon owner (owner of the hairdressers and barbers that I’m based within, not a nail tech) says just a simple shape and polish will be fine. I had a 12yr old book on Saturday just for a manicure (no polish) but she didn’t turn up so I didn’t get to test it out. The problem with the owner wanting me to do polish is that I only stock gel polish and can’t use that on children. I have a few regular high street nail varnish brands at home but since I’m not making any money at the moment there’s no way I’m investing in professional-only nail polish when I’m still trying to build up my gel polish colours as it is. Also using the high street brands makes my “hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty free” USP invalid. Bit annoying but as I’m quiet and trying to build up a client base I’m guessing I don’t have much choice but to offer treatments for children. The NSS down the road does offer children’s treatments including nail enhancements. I don’t have children myself so I can’t judge the situation properly so I’m hoping people on here can help. Thank you.

(In theory I would adjust the manicure to only include a shape, no cuticle nipping, and a light pressure massage.)
I think a manicure is fine on under 14s…check your insurance though. A recommendation CND vinylux are great polishes, I’m sure are hypoallergenic and vegan and are a really good price at trade.
In regards to ethically, I wouldn’t do enhancements on anyone under 16 as they don’t know how to look after their nails, and will most likely chew them off and damage their nails since their nails are softer…then come for you!
My 13 year old does have short almond pink acrylic extensions but this was after months of nail polish, then shellac applications and realising she really looks after her nails and is fine with them. However she’s mine and if she moans I can just roll my eyes!

Young girls love having their nails painted and it can be a good treatment
@Ashley Blakemore thank you, I’ll check my insurance but I’m sure I remember seeing it was only for treatments on 16+, I’ll double check. I’ll look into CND Vinylux polishes too 😊

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