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Jun 1, 2006
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I'm volunteering at a charity event in December doing short neck and shoulder massages.
Can anyone recommend me on easiest way to do it regarding clothing ? Ideally don't want to massage over clothing but at same time I'm sure the client wouldn't want to lay exposing themselves to randoms
My opinionis that you're going to have to do it over clothing. I've been to charity events where they have treatments and everyone remains fully clothed. Don't know how you're going to do it otherwise. It will be too time consuming waiting for a client to get changed if you're just doing short treatments.
I find seated acupressure massage is popular at these events. I have attended some where the therapist set up by toilet area and sent people off with a towel and she was very busy surprisingly!

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I was involved in a huge church event on Monday night. I did nail art and facials and two others did back and head massages. We were fully booked all night and the ladies didn't mind taking their tops off for the massages. They just put a towel round them and took off their tops. Then they were covered in blankets on the couches. We had lamps and fake tea lights scattered around for low lighting, that helped. Good luck, hope it goes well x

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