Advice needed- how to avoid gluing eyelids during extensions help!


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Apr 27, 2012
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Hi ladies,
I've had my lash extensions training last Sat and I tried my first case study last night on a friend. She is Thai origin and had very fine lashes, so I had to use 0.15 which I've never used before. I managed to glue her eyelids even though I had taped down the lower lashes. I find the eyepads (Emporium) move sometimes especially if the client has oily skin (it happened Sat). Can you please give me some tips on how not to glue the eyelids shut? I managed to fix with remover, and my friend was patient but I need to know what I'm doing wrong so I don't repeat this mistake. She was happy with the results (eye brow tint, lash tint and extensions which took me 3hr) and has agreed to have infills in 2 weeks and be my guinea pig for other treatments so thankfully I didn't scare her off. Can you please tell me when you apply an extension how low down do you apply it to the natural lash (near base or not)?

thank you


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