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Nov 17, 2003
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Can anyone help me with a dilemma? I had a client call me today, saying she wanted to treat her mum to a set of enhancements as a chrimbo present. Well thats all fair and well, and I had the usual discussion about what she wanted, etc etc, then the client says to me, " Oh by the way.... My mums typing finger, (im not sure what the typing finger is, just know shes a receptionist) well the nail is lifting off the bed!!" Im a little alarmed, and not really sure what to do, the client goes on to say " it doesnt hurt her, she hasnt bashed it and its not a funny colour, can you still do them?" I really am not too sure at this stage, and ask her to come and see me prior to her appontment on tuesday, what do I do? Do i go ahead and do the enhancements, leaving out the "dodgy" nail, or do i just polish it to look like the rest of the nail enhancements, Please, please can someone offer me some advice!! Thank-you!!!....... :(
Well there's no great cause for alarm here ...

If the lifted nail is clean and dry underneath as as long as it has not lifted more than one third of the distance of the bed, then you can enhance it if you keep it short. If the lifting is very bad then you can do the others and leave the affected nail out. No problem.

This onycholysis could just be caused by constant trauma to that particular nail in her job ... quite common.

If on the other hand, the lifted nail is crusty and wet underneath, then you do not touch it or the others ... and ask her to seek medical advice.

So it is a simple choice.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thanks for your advice geeg, I now feel a whole lot better about this client, I will have a look at the nail when she comes prior to her appointment, and now know whether I will touch it or not, you are a life saver!! What would i do without this site??!!!????...... :D Michelle xxxx :D
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