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Sep 27, 2006
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Hy there I have had all kinds of blonde highlights over the years and have never seemed to get the colour Iv always wanted, which is a creamy white baby blonde. I always seemed to get golden or yellowy highlights which did nothing for me, no matter which products the salon used. I was told it was becaused they could not lift my hair colout to a creamy white blonde and only bleach could do this, are they right?

Anyway iv had bleach highlights and they are a lovely whiter blonde but they do seem to go dull and fade even though i use intensive conditioners and look after my hair. My hairdresser puts a chocolate brown with them so not to bright. Im finding though my roots show quickly especially at the sides.

So my dillema is my roots show quicker as the blonde lighter if i have more chocolate the colour is too dark, iv had lighter brown colours5/something in wella but they always wear off and go a bit ginger, any advice on what to have with the bleach or make of highlights which do the whiter baby blonde? I have Wella colour with bleach at the mo, I tried the 12/1 ash (highest blonde) in Wella but it was golden. I have mousy blonde hair naturally:cry:

Sorry for blabbing but hard to explain:rolleyes:


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Apr 8, 2007
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Hi nee nee This is a hard one as highlights tend to get all muddled up together and you get blonde ones being colored brown and brown ones being lifted back to blonde again ,
then fade becomes involved making the brown ones that were previously blonde become a dull brassy blonde and they all get mixed up together.

Your hairdresser may have a better chance of picking the same ones up again if you just stick to one colour for now .

So perhaps have the scattered bleached blonde ones that you like ,
then just stick to those and then your hairdresser could try then to pick out the same ones when you need a root regrowth .

Hard to explain I know,
but your hairdresser could maybe clarify it a bit better for you
as she will show you on you're actual hair :hug: x


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