Advice On Nail Shaping Plz...........


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Sep 7, 2006
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Caldicot - south Wales

id really appreciate some advice on shaping the nail ( some thing we didnt cover in college ) i am fine at doing square or squoval ( the most requested ) but recently have been asked for round and a more natural shape which im finding really hard to do.

i was wondering if there were any kind of tip cutters you could buy to help with this ? or is it down to sheer practise.

please help

Rachel x
Sorry Practise!! If you go to search and type in nail shapes I'm sure you will come up with something.
Good luck
On most clients unless i am asked for square, i achieve a natural shape by looking at the nail as a whole as i am filing..keeping the file nice and straight for the side walls to avoid any egyptian hats and shaping the free edge softly to imitate the cuticle line (eponychium). The trick is not to let sight of the nail as a whole.

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