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Sep 16, 2007
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South East
Hi :) A friend of mine is hoping to go straight into the NVQ2 hairdressing and bypass level 1. She would be quite a mature student, incidentally. Is it feasible or realistic as either a full time 1 year course or as a part time 2 year course, without the first year or any previous experience in the industry?

Any advice or observations would be greatly appreciated, thank you. :)
I am not sure what level 1 involves, i think its shampooing, and acting out being in a salon enviroment stuff like that.

I dont see why not she cant go straight to level 2, i did when i was younger!!
I think also level one is maybe for students who didnt get many GCSE's thats what happended to a girl i worked with, she wanted to do beauty and the college said no she cant go straight to level 2 she has to do level 1 first as she didnt have many GCSE's , which i do think is unfair.
it depends on how much experience she would have really, i didnt do level one because i did my gcse's but one of the girls that i work with had to do level one because she didnt finish school.

how old is ur friend if u dont mind me asking , i only ask because the laws have changed recently, and when 19+ you have to be paid the minium wage and not many people would take on someone they would have to employ full or part time if they have no experience and doesnt bring in money as such.

or does she want to go to college and do it ? if she wants to go to college prehaps she could get day release on a part time basis to a local salon a 2 year course would be better though
the course i am on is mature students level 2 hairdressing........but we have to do our level one and we have got until february to do it, then we move onto level 2 so the course is still really two years
Thank you all for replying. My friend is in her late 40s and so I think that's what's making her want to complete it in one year, if possible. She has the required number of gcse passes and is well qualified in other areas but not this one, apart from a bit of part time mobile beauty therapy. She wants to do hairdressing, though, and so was wondering how realistic it was to hope to be qualified and working after one year full time at college?
Level one is taught seperately as an IFP course (under 16,s) only.
I teach level one and it covers absolutely everything apart from cutting hair.
If you go from 16+ straight into level 2 C&G you complete the level 2 course - but level one is covered in it without you knowing.
So yes to do level 2 to you will automatically be doing level one within the units if you go to a college.
A bit confusing but level 2 covers all units within it.
Level one covers structure of the hair, Blowdrying, Shampooing and how it works technically, colouring, Tint,foils etc, how the colour chart numbering system works and how colours work technically, setting,client care, body language and porosty tests, elasticity tests, treatments etc.
Level one (when seperate) basically teaches 14-16 year olds everything apart from cutting, and it is definately all the things you need to know for a basis in hairdressing, but under 16's will get a level one certification from city and guilds and once they leave school will only have to complete their cutting units and a few more observation assessments on perms and colours to qualify a level 2 certificate.
If I was your friend I would see if the college runs an evening level 2, so she can still work while doing the course, and maybe volenteer in a salon one day a week or so to gain more experience, and with that they should offer her a model night as well.
But dont worry about level one or two, irrelivent as she will have to do level 2 and all units are subsequently covered anyway, so it will be a 2 year course, but can do her units and assessments quicker, to save time, if she is naturally good at it.
Good luck, let me know if she needs any other help or advice.
Thank you for that, it explains a lot. :)
my friend passed her beauty level 2 and 3 and went straight on to hairdressing level 2. they told us its because we already knw about that hair follicles and stuff like that. so there was no need really to go over it all over again


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