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Im not usually on the hair forum as im beauty therapist but looking for some advice from you hair experts.

I had my blonde highlights done at a local salon on Saturday. I'd never been to the salon before so we had a consultation to discuss colour etc. I asked not to have a stripey look as I like it to look fine and natural and she said no problem.

When she rinsed it off I could see stripes and she said one of the blonde colours hadn't lifted as well as she'd hoped but once dried it would be fine. I couldnt see the colour properly in the salon and she'd styled it so that it wasn't lying flat. When I got home I could clearly see wide brown and light blonde wide stripes. I went back to the shop but she was just about to close and didnt have time to fix it properly. Instead she applied more colour to break it up and told me to rinse it off at home in 25 mins. I rinsed it off as she said but the top section of my hair was now almost yellow blonde colour - a complete mess. I was really upset and ended up buying a dark blonde Clairol home dye kit to get my hair back to one colour.

Im just wondering what to do next. The home dye is just a temporary fix and I will need to go pay for another salon to fix my hair. Should I phone the salon and ask for my money back?

What would you advise?



Poor you :hug:

I would call the salon and ask for an appointment with the manager. You need to go in calmly and explain what has happened and let the manager see your hair. Only prob is if you have corrected it yourself it may look better now than it actually was and she may not be able to see how bad it was left by the stylist.

I don't think that she should have applied product and got you to rinse off at home - she really should have stayed and finished the job or if she couldnt stay then re-booked you in the week.

I would go in calm and see what they offer to do to resolve the situation. They may well offer a refund straight away.

Hope you get it sorted soon. x


Thanks, I will need to be brave and request a refund from the shop. I hate confrontation though so will be a nervous wreck. :cry:

It was the owner of the shop who did the colour so if I go in she will see that I have had it completely changed. She did offer to fix it later in the week but Id asked her if there was anything she could do there and then as I was supposed to be going out that night to celebrate my friends birthday. If it wasn't for the home hair dye I wouldnt have left the house.



It doesnt have to confrontational - just go in and explain that the colour correction made things so bad that you had to purchase a colour and try and do something yourself and ask what she could do to resolve the situation. Leave the ball in her court and see what she comes up with. If you are pleasant about it then she will be more likely to listen to you. If we were the salon concerned then we would be trying to keep your custom and our reputation. Hope it works out ok x


Thanks for your help. I just imagine her being all defensive because she wasn't happy that I'd come back to the shop the first time however I will stay calm and she may offer to redo it or give me a refund. Will let you know how I get on. xx


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Hi Glitterball , I think you may now have some difficulty with this salon ,
as you have now hidden all the bad evidence by doing the colour yourself .

Did you take any photos ?

Although it's very unfair,
and I totally understand why you had to cover it up as you were going out, but they may now say they are not responsible.

I understand you have been treated shabbily by this hairdresser who told you to go home and wash the colour off that they had put on,
this was very unprofessional ,
but this is your only evidence that it wasn't quite right so keep stating this point .

You can only go in and explain your valid points to them ,
If he or she is a decent hairdresser they will understand why you had to put a colour over it ,
they should do their best to help you free of charge or perhaps an agreeable reduced rate (say just pay for the blow dry)

I do hope they will help , good luck:hug: x

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liana kay

how awful ,she should never have put the second colour on and sent you home . Unfortunately , your hair has been coloured x3 now ,so i advise you to leave it alone . See if you can get some free conditioning products and a free cut instead . Leave your haircolour a few months (or only use semis and mooses) and go somewhere else .