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May 16, 2013
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I am a hair student at college.

I had bleached blonde hair, however got bored and dyed it once a couple of months ago using feria golden roast (it was a weekend, I was going out & didn't have any supplies to bleach my roots, hence a trip to boots)

I want to take the colour out and go back to bleach blonde, will the eraser do this? I don't want to have to bleach the colour out as it may just send my hair over the edge.

Most hair dressers wont b familiar with what the box dye looked likes so may b worth puttin a pic up. Cuz im not sure what shade it will b. Id defo stay away from box dyes now ur training X

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I always test cut anyway when using Eraser or NXT colour remover to check condition and levels of lift, worth doing that then you can see before you take the plunge
Why not ask your tutor for advice? You can discuss the options in more depth and use it as a learning experience.

You could also offer yourself as a client for students practising colour correction.

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