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Jan 2, 2016
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I'm hoping that this site might help me in my decision as to where to purchase a piece of equipment as I'd like to get into ultrasound cavitation, for fat reduction.

I've been looking at Advanced Esthetics to purchase their Lipofirm Plus. I've heard that their after sales service isn't great and there was a bit of trouble at the Manchester show - which has alarmed me.

If anyone has bought any machines from this company it would be helpful to know what your views are, would you recommend or not? I'm looking at about £15,000 outlay so would welcome any advice in helping me make my decision.

Thank you.
These machines just don't work though, they just heat up the subcutis which does nothing. And I would trust your gut instinct if they acted strangely, definitely. What was the trouble about, out of interest?
Thumbs down from me for this company
Avoid them I have bought a machine from them although results are good, after sales and training awful

I saw that, doesn't look impressive, and worrying that this has happened, I'm glad you pointed this out.

Do you have a machine from them?

No, I don't have such a machine and until now had never heard of it !
So I did some investigating and that link was one of the bits of info I found.

I thought it was of interest, so I posted it.
HI everyone, i just wanted to let you know that i have had the lipofirm plus machine since 2014 im not one to make comments on these forums but due to my business growing since i took the plunge and purchased this device i wanted to let you know. My clients results have been great and i am currnetly looking to upgrade to the new one they have which is the lipofirm pro (decisions). I phoned advanced aesthetics when i came across the link for the marketing and they were very open and honest about it on that they weren't allowed to use the number 1 wording and it was a competitor to the company that issued the complaint which is on the link itself. I found the link a very interesting read as it told me more about how the machine has become. the after sales and support i have received and continue to receive has always been good. Hope this helps:) in the quest to take on a body machine as it is a very competitive industry but i am happy with my purchase.

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