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Feb 10, 2004
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cleveland, UK
hi all !

Does anyone use an Iwata HP-B airbrush ?

I need a replacement needle and i can't find anywhere that sells them. I've been to the iwata site, but it doesnt mention spare needles .... i even tried emailing them but they never bothered replying !!

So any ideas ??

I have always bought Iwata products from the Airbrush Company - is this who you tried?

I think lots of others also sell Iwatas now - Designer Nails might even do them.
Hi Fiona

I tried that site, but there's no mention of replacement needles, and i emailed them on Wednesday, but they've never replied.

I'm getting desperate now !!!!
Thanx for that link, Lesley.

I've just mailed them to see if they do the iwata HP-B

So ..... fingers crossed !!!!!
Hi there,

Try either Capital Hair and beauty they sell them Capital has branches allover uk and also I think post out.

or nail creations they also sell them, Tel: 01427 891424 they are based in Doncaster and will deliver next day for £7.50 if not its £3.69 I think. Just had a peep in there catologue and the code for the replacement needles is 104 priced at £4.95 may have changed now coz the book is just coming up a year old but hey it gives a rough idea

Good luck

Grace x
Thanks for those ideas... but does anyone know the web address for nail creations ?

Hey there, as far as I am aware they do not have a web site, or e-mail I to date have never found one, sorry. Best to give them a ring.

Grace x
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