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Mar 5, 2004
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I have a question for any airbrushing experts out there. I was happily practicing some new design earlier this week, using Medea paints. I finished the design and came to spray the 'varnish' stuff on the top (I normally use createx, which don't need the extra 'varnish' stuff). I lightly sprayed each nail and left it to dry. When I came back to them to put the top coat on... Shock Horror:eek: .... the paint had cracked on two of them!! My design was ruined and I had to start again:cry: . Does anyone know why this happened? I way careful to spray very lightly so it dried straight away. Did I put too much on or not enough? Any help would be appreciated.


Julie x
hi you sprayed to much varnish thats what happens to me.
if you get your clients to lay their hands flat on the table and from a height of about 10-12 inches start from one end to the other one light mist of spray that should stop the crackling.
any lower then i find the varnish gives e.g white french airbrush, a slight dirty tinge
hope this helps
I agree with Joanne

Spray too close and you will crackle up. Most iritating when you have worked so hard to be creative in the first place.

I might be ordering a new range of a/brush paints, any ideas on good makes which don't get all stuck around the skin, and that don't need a varnish spray?

Best wishes
I use only Medea paints and never use the varnish. The designs stay on until the next appointment. Try it without if you thinks it's the varnish that's causing the cracking but also check that you're not spraying the paint too thick, that's the usual cause of cracking.
Cracking can also be caused by spraying paint on too thick & fast. This means that the bottom layers are still wet when you have finished which, in turn, causes the paint to crack when applying varnish/top coat. Build the layers of paint slowly and you should have no problems.
I'm probably breaking the rules but when using my medea paints I dont bother with the varnish stuff, I wait unitl it is dry and use a CND Super Shiney works a treat
i only tend to use varnish when i am airbrushing onto natural nails to give extra staying power
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