airbrushes - sizes and applications?


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Tickled Pink!

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Nov 7, 2003
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hi you lot
i am hoping someone can help me...

i have 3 airbrushes.
firstly i have a Simair XL2000 which, at the moment, i only use for spray tanning. On the blunt end of the needle there are two notches - am i right in thinking this is a 0.6?

The two other guns i have are Evolution and i use those at the mo for nail art only. the blunt end of the needle has just the 1 notch - is this a 0.4?

Am i right about the notches and the sizing?
Secondly, am i okay to use the Simair XL2000 for nail art
and finally, can i use ALL THREE for body art?

hope someone can help. I must be a bit stupid :rolleyes: as i didn't realise the notches on the end of the needle actually meant something!
just boosting this one back up...perhaps chocolate might know the answer
thanks guys
I have to say this is new one on me!!!!! I have used most airbrushes and i knew the needle sizes do vary according to the gun, but didnt know about the notches!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best gun for body art is a cup gravity fed or a side fed for small body art work, or a full bottle gun for larger work and tanning. You can use most guns for anything, as long as its the right needle size and psi.

Nail art = 0.4mm, double action, gravity fed
Body art = 0.3mm - 0.6mm, double action, cup or bottle fed.

Loads more i could say, so if anyone wants a free guide to airbrushing which covers loads, just PM me your address!!!!!!!
thanks chocolate
as for the notching, when i enquired at su-do re body paints, the lady asked what size needles i had. when i couldn't answer her she said to look at the blunt end and count the notches. when i told her how many notches, she said this identified what size needle. i specifically asked whether this was applicable on a non su-do gun and she said yes.
I'll pm you with my email address and home address, so if you could send any info on body art, i'll be really grateful.
thanks again
even i learn all the time, will send you the info, hope it helps!!!!

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