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Apr 26, 2003
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hi ya......just wondered what type of compresser u all, iwata or badger etc..........
and which paints and stencils u find the best?

lv vicx :D
nailtiqe said:
hi ya......just wondered what type of compresser u all, iwata or badger etc..........
and which paints and stencils u find the best?

lv vicx :D

Hi Vic,

I have two airbrushes, both Iwata. I originally started with an HP-B and an Iwata Smart Jet compressor and the Medea Paints. Just recently I have changed over to the Createx Paints as they have more opaque and irridescent colours. I also changed to a larger nozzle airbrush to cope with the thicker paints - I have an Iwata Eclipse. I have a Clarke Compressor (not designed specifically for Nails). It is very noisy so not suitable for a salon, but it is in the garage with a pipe through the wall so I dont hear the noise.

When choosing equipment it is best to try various options. I know lots of people love the Badger systems equally I know lots of people who love the Iwatas.

I would also say that you need to find out if you have a market. I think it will probably be better for you from a financial point of view to get the nail clients and do fantastic nails so your clients keep coming back then look to add on services. Just something to think about 45% of my income last year came from enhancements only 3% came from airbrushing.

Depending on your area, if you dont keep the 45% happy, then what use is the 3%.

Just my thoughts LOL.
hi ya..........ive got the su do pro 2000 compressor and airbrush.........i have melles stencils from all things nails, and sudo paint at present, im on a airbrush course tomorrow, ive not heard anything bad bowt su do but a lot of peeps love the iwata........i went with su do as they do the other things too like body art, tanning etc and i wanted a company that covered it all and excellent advertising prospects, su do seem to have this and i believe the untouchables use su do............they do excellent work.......
im willing to shoparound for paints etc though........ile let u know how i get on tomorrow.........i dont think the pictures will be big for airbrushing near me but i do think the french manicures will be, i had 2 girls who recently come back from america that had there nails done and french airbrushed manicures, however i had to turn them away as ive not yet done the training.......... :( im looking into the su do tanning aswell or fantasy like something diff to whats already here which is st tropez and dinair.........vicx :D
hi been on my su do training day and it was great, 1-2-1 too....i learnt the basics, french manicures, 2 tone and 3 tone colours, stencils.......i loved dying to get my airbrush out again but im too nackered tonite, had to drive all the way to matlock, im shattered!!!
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