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Dec 3, 2003
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I have been doing acrylic nails for about 1 year. I originally did a 4 day course. I felt it wasn't anough so I have been attending a N.V.Q. using eziflow. After the first time using eziflow I had a reaction on my hands and the docters said it was contact dermititis. I felt it was an allergy to the dust so I used latex gloves and tried O.P.I. I was fine. the other night I was practicing on the training hand, using eziflow and latex gloves, i was only practicing my smile lines and application, no filing at all.that night the dermitiitis has come back with a vengence. My hands are swollen itchy and blisters are forming. I can't use my hands. I have antihystermene cream and tablets that are just taking the edge off. I don't know what to do about it. I am going to try non latex gloves, next time , but I am worried that I still might react. I have asked my trainer and she doesn't think it is to do with Eziflow, that it was just coincidence.Has anyone had the same as me and can give me any advice. I would be very grateful as going on like this I will have to give up doing nails, which I don't want to do.
You poor thing... :sad: have you tried wearing cotton gloves? This might be worth a try..Plus The Nail Geek has posted a thread before about gloves which don't contain laytex that could be better for your hands which was only recent in the main forum...Best of luck and hope your problems disappears as fast as it came :|
would not advise wearing Latex.
tracey mac here is what mr geek wrote about latex gloves:
The reason being is that Latex is a natural substance and as such, is far more likely to cause an adverse reaction when compared to a synthetic material.
Something like 50% of people are naturally allergic to latex! For those that arent, they soon will be using Latex gloves and monomer. That is because monomer breaks down the Latex protein and carries it into the skin, making a reaction occur much faster.

I have sourced some gloves in the UK that Designer Nails is now stocking which would be your best bet, they are made from a material called Nitrile. They are the same type of gloves that Dr's use whilst slicing and dicing people.

oops look like we were all replying at the same time :lol:
Thanks for the replies. I will try the non-latex gloves. Hopefully I can carry on with the L and P system. If not, am I likely fo get a reaction from Fibreglass If I changed systems? I was advised by another technician to try Creative because Primer isn't used, so there aren't so many chemicals for me to be handling.
Just another question, I have had Acrylic nails on myself for around 4 years, i haven't had any allergic reaction on my nails at all. Would that indicate that it's the dust that is doing it? thanks for your time
Make sure you use Nitrile... they are the only ones I recommend.

You can try a primer less system (i.e. Retention+) but I seriously doubt that the primer is causing the reaction.

For the reaction to occur, the offending ingredient needs to come into contact with your skin... If it were the primer... you would get burning long before any reactions.

When you develop symptoms of a reaction, it is because you have become repeatedly overexposed to a particular ingredient... If you don’t come in contact with the ingredient, you wont get the reaction.

If the ingredient you are allergic to is only in 1 particular product, changing products will sort the problem out... however the chances are that this will not be the case as most modern monomers share common sensitizers.

Usually, you want to start using a product with less known sensitizers in them, or work safer to avoid exposure in the first place.

Here is the ladder of sensitivity

he chances are that you developed your sensitivity throughout the years you have been wearing enhancements through repeated skin exposure.

Best of luck ;)

I've started using ezflow and got exactly the same reaction!!! i was wearing latex gloves at the time so i've switched to Latex free (but god they are hard to find!!) and my skin problem has cleared a lot. I've found that anywhere the monomer touches my skin (even while wearing the goves) is where the rash forms. I've stopped using the exflow monomer now and have switched to Retention+ to see if that helps.

Hi Lou
That was interesting. it's hard to imagine a reaction on the hands still happening whilst wearing gloves to cover them. It's only happened since using Ezeflow. When I used O.P.I with latex gloves last week I had no problem, that's why I used Eziflow again, thinking I had solved the problem by wearing gloves. I have telephoned a medical suppliers and they sell non latex gloves. I wll try those. Have you had any trouble since stopping using the Eziflow system? I'd be interested in you outcome :) thanks for your reply

Dont mess around with this. Only use Nitrile gloves.
Nitrile is not a brand, but a synthetic material the Doctors use. Med supply companies may have them (in bulk) or if in the UK... try Designer Nails at 0113 275 5719 as they are stocking them at my request.

Latex=Bad, Nitrile=Good. If you have decent gloves... it isnt going to matter which brand of monomer (none should cause the reaction as none should ever touch the skin).

I am of the opinion that you she read all of the information I have provided links to very carefully as this is a condition that could end up costing you your career.

Good luck guys.

PS here is a pic of a nitrile glove:
thanks for that guys. i will definitely try the nitrile. keep my fingers crossed.
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