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Sep 1, 2013
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Hi guys, anyone heard of strip-lac ?

I stocked up in this today x
Its amazing its uv/led cured it lasts upto 10 days once the client is fed up with the colour you just pick at the corner and it peels right off with out any damage to the nail!

When i heard them saying this i thought it cant be right , they showed me in my own nails and couldn't blv my eyes x
No need to soak off x

For my kit i bought a beauty box, they only way i can describe the box is like a mini wardrobe , is amazing x
Ill try and upload a pic if i can x
Anyone ? Xx

If it's that easy to remove what happens when the customer leaves and within an hour has picked it all off? Surely it would make it easier for complaints. ....apologies I don't know anything about this product but am just going on your thread. .. :)

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No your not meant to peel it off until the time x
I da mine done yesterday , i had a sneaky pick yesterday as i thought the same but its not budging x
Its amazing x

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