All the same product?


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Well love who ever told you that is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You find that some smaller distributors will purchase their product from the same source and then relable and package it , under their own name............

Big Companys like Creative develope new systems , copyright them and do not sell them to smaller distributors i.e. Jo Bloggs's, to have it sold then in turn under a different label...................

So who ever told you that is wrong, maybe they told you that , to increase their sales ?????? Stop you from looking around????

So if you are not happy with a product, as the distributor, who their manufacturers are..............I bet it aint Creative lol................

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Hi geeg

I wouldnt have asked if i believed it.

Actually a lady that teaches told me this but i had also heard it from other people. Maybe i should tell them about Creative!

I am about to do the creative training and switching products and ive obviously made the right choice as its important to get the correct information.

Cristine :)
are you serious?

I hope you don't believe such garbage. Where does this kind of info come from anyway?

At Creative we have 6 Chemists and a huge laboratory facility not to mention a colossal budget for research and development - kind of a waste of time if what you said is true don't you think? We also manufacture our own products.

It is true that many companies do purchase their products from one manufacturer, but that doesn't mean they all purchase the same products now does it?


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Sep 17, 2003
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When i say im not happy with the product im currently using i keep getting told that all products are made by one company and bought and packaged by distributers. So am i wasting my time trying to find a better product?

Cristine :)
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