Allergic reaction to eyebrow waxing


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Jan 20, 2016
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Hi need some advice did an eyebrow tint then waxed eyebrows and the after applying depilieve milk cleanser a hive appeared beside her brow... I advised her to take anti-histamine and not to touch the area and to contact me if anything got any worst. I feel really bad but this has never happened before. Am I doing something wrong or is it the cleanser causing the reaction? Your advice would be greatly appreciated thanks
Were the eyebrow hairs you removed very strong? If they were then it could just be a release of histamine from the root of he hair being pulled out. Hydrocortisone cream (1%) will relieve the rash quickly.

Could still be a sensitivity to the other products used though .
I get this every time I've had my brows waxed and finally stopped.
Strip or hot was? Personally I don't care who or what anyone I the world says some clients are allergic to hot wax! Like myself.
No one believes me so they did my arm in strip and hot wax patch tests all over at the beauty expo and I almost thought I was having my arm burn off few minutes or hour so later had to use burn gel and take anti hist and pain tablets. Was terrible. But strip was I am fine! So Wierd.

So perhaps your client can just have an allergy to the ingredient
Check your ingredients, the primary trigger tends to be colophonium, a tree resin. The other is lanolin, which you will find in fewer products I know of at least one manufacturer using it at present.

Colophonium is a major ingredient in hot wax, so I'm inclined to believe you whole heartedly!

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