Allergic reaction to wax

I had a client yesterday who had a lip and chin wax and once I had finished she came out in white spots I said to put sudo cream on it and take a anti histamine tablet as it's where the skin has had a shock and reacted.

She rang today and said she went to the doctors and they said she has had an allergic reaction, she said her face was swollen and she has taken pictures to show me. She said the doctor asked if she had a patch test and she said no.

I have never given anyone a patch test for waxing I never got taught this :-a

Does everyone else do patch test if they have never waxed before?

she said she just wanted to let me know incase it happens to someone else and they sue me ( she said she won't as she knows me )

I'm really worried has anyone experienced this themselves or got any advice.
I've never heard of patch testing before waxing either 😕 if there are no rules to state a patch test should be carried out prior I don't think anyone is in a position to sue you anyway. Hope some other geeks come along to clarify further.
Hi there I got taught in my training to only patch test a client that is a diabetic with very sensitive skin, or suffers with skin conditions, has this lady maybe not been quite honest in her consultation?

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Tinting and eyelash extensions require patch tests but never heard of having to do the same for every client for waxing! Xxx

Jack Dunn

JD Waxing School
Some clients react quite quickly after waxing. I give my clients the same advice when they have this sort of reaction and also recommend it to new clients who have never waxed before.

Habia guidelines 'recommend' that a patch test is carried out 24 hours before waxing for the first waxing treatment for all clients.... And that it is essential to carry out a patch test for those clients with known allergies.

It's always a grey area..

The place I go to for my waxing gets everyone to sign to say that they were offered a patch test and declined !!

It's also worth checking with your insurance company what their requirement is , as some of them can have this as a compulsory requirement!

HTH Jack

Hi on my training I got told I must patch test every client 48hours before their 1st wax treatment then yearly after that or if I changed products x

If a client has an allergy to plasters, it usually follows that they are allergic to wax, unless you use a rosin free wax. Rosin is in plasters and wax, and most clients know if they are allergic to plasters.

We don't patch test, but we do get clients to fill out a questionnaire which asks about allergies, so we are alerted if they state they are allergic to plasters. She obviously may be allergic to something else entirely!!!

Soon we will have to patch test for a patch test!

Vic x

Kim Lawless

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There's no requirement to do a patch test for waxing. It sounds to me as though she may have had an allergic reaction to either Rosin or the perfume. It could be anything or she may just sensitive skin. Did she follow the aftercare?