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Looks like a reaction though you may be jumping the gun on the l&p though.
Generally, an allergic reaction will begin from a certain area constantly becoming overexposed to monomer. Over time, the overexposed area will begin to slowly show signs of irritation which will gradually worsen with each new exposure until full blown 'allergic' like reactions start from permanent sensitization.

The reason why I am saying that it may not actually be the monomer is because... the reaction looks as if it is on all fingertips. Usually, monomer won’t come into contact with this area of skin. The monomer will usually come into contact around the folds of the finger... or monomer rich dust will irritate the forearms or fingers.
The other reason is because it sounds like it came right out of the blue. Usually, this will not happen. Either the first time you are exposed... BAM... reaction (through natural sensitization) or the are will gradually become more and more irritated over time (acquired sensitization).

Are you certain that nothing new has come into contact with that area?

Only asking because I want you to be sure.
If it is the monomer you are using... there are alternatives. It may be a particular type of EMA that sparked the sensitization. Find an alternative and that could be ok (i.e. original SolarNail liquid is far less likely than R+ or Radical to cause a reaction)
You could also switch to wraps. I would not however... advise switching to gels, odorless, or UV cured L&P. Those have much higher sensitizers in them.
You can also try barrier crèmes or nitrile gloves (avoid latex).
Also always wear long sleeve shirts and wash your hands after every client.

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Feb 8, 2003
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Hello all, i had an allergic reaction to a/c 2 days ago. :( So as of right now i just dont know about my career in the nail biz. This was a scary experiance for me and painful. Luckily i caught it in the beginning stage and i was lucky to have a bottle of acetone to get them soaked off right away. I really dont know why this happened to me because i have never had problems with product before. None of the girls that i have put nails on are haveing any problems. I visited them all yesterday to let them know whats going on. They were very upset and wont let anyone else touch them. So i told them they would either have to go elsewhere and have the nails filled in or remove them. They dont want to remove them . So i dont know how to handle this with the girls. Here are some pics of the reaction after 2 days the pics are at the bottom of the page.
I really dont know what happened myself. I never have touched the ends of my fingers with any products. Im useing oderless acrylics because thats what i have to work with at the state board exams. From day 1 every time i started working with the monomer i had the burning in my eyes and they would get watery. But i never knew it was a reaction. Then after i would start fileing the nails my thumb would always start itching from my knuckle down to the cuticle area. With it being "only" my thumb that would do this i only thought that maybe something had bit me to cause the itch. Now 2 months later this is what happens. My thumb was itching the way it always does...then it moved to my next finger and then the next and so on. When it started happening on my other hand i realized something was wrong. Then i went to bed later on in the night...i was woken up with my thumb burning very bad in the nail bed and it began throbbing to the point i couldnt take it anymore...then i jumped up at 3am and removed my nails. As soon as the a/c started soaking off i started feeling some relief. Around my cuticles and back to my knuckle are still itching as well as the ends of my fingers. I just dont understand this. Hopefull all this will help you better with knowing what may have happened. Thanks for takeing your time to help me out.

I had some nails done at a show once and had a similar reaction although it was within an hour of having them done, i was at the cnd stand and the girl on there sent me straight back to where i had them done (not going to name them) they removed them straight away and my nails were fine, i then went back to the cnd stand and the girl there put me a couple of nails on and told me to go away and come back in an hour. I did and they were fine i bought a kit and thats how i discovered cnd. So my point is just because you are sensitive to one brand you may well be fine with another. I know this is an old post but i am sure we have all either experienced this or know of someone who has.
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