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Jun 7, 2012
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im allergic to evry semi permant, permanent and non permanent hairdye execpt bleach ? why? is there any special hair dyes out there for me
Sounds like you have an allergy to ppd/ptds which are pigments needed in any type of oxidising hair colourant.
Crazy colours dont normally contain ppd/ptds as they are a stain and not an oxidising pigment.
Powder bleach and peroxide dont contain ppd/ptds so you shouldnt react to them,unless its not the pigments you are allergic to but something else found in colours AND activators.
What kind of reaction have you had before?
There are herbal dyes u can buy that have low ppd.I had a reaction to hair dye and I've been using herbatant its great .hth

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You should be fine with true semis and bleach, but always do a skin test! Your probably allergic to ppd it's quite common now!
I have a friend who comes out in hives from hair dyes the only thing she can use is one called I think nutri tint it something like it you buy it from
Health food shops. you would have to buy a box and do the skin test first obviously but you may be ok with it x
Please don't use a box colour. Go to your local salon and explain your problem to them I'm sure they'll get a colour in for you. There's lots out now for them to choose from. Just make sure you have a patch test every time you have your hair coloured.
Try a brand called Alfaparf but make sure you get skin tested first xx
Ive worked with organic colour for 15 years and yes it has a much much lower level of ppds in it,however if your allergic to ppd,ANY amount of it will cause a reaction every time you use it.
Herbatint isnt ppd or ptd free either,you need to find a colour or bleach that doesnt contain ppd/ptd.Any type of permanent/semi permanent colour will contain either pigments as you cant get an oxidising colour withoput pigment.
I am allergic to PPD, had to give up my hairdressing career because of it. But inam still vain enough to out myself through the pain of having my hair colored. But I have now found a solution!!! I have a full head of foils so that the tint never actually touches my scalp!!!!
Really sorry you had to give up your career because of it.
I know a guy who had been a salon owner and had built an amzing name for himself in the industry,but became unwell and once he was well enough to go back to running his salon and colouring again he started reacting badly when colouring or even touching just coloured hair.
He ended up having to give up and its a shame when youve spent so long doing it.
Its not an easy trade to learn so having to give up after all your hard work must have been gutting.
Yes I was terribly upset at having to give it up, it was all I wanted to do growing up.

I went to a skin specialist after not being able to clear up what I thought was a bit of dermo from not drying my hands properly. I had a major reaction to the spot test and he told me to give it up as there is no way of getting around an allergy to PPD.

The guys I worked for had a cousin who had the same allergy and he was a insurance broker at the time.

I tried everything, gloves, hand creams, medication.... BUt it just got worse, I had hayfever constantly. I remember one time I colored my hair and wasnt happy with it so re did it. I had the worst flu thype symptoms, and my head swelled!! :eek:

And then i fell pregnant and they cleared up!! After having nice smooth sore free hands for the 9 months and 12 months mat leave I couldn't go back to the pain.

Now the weird thing is that not only do my hands and head blister when I come into contact with it, but my feet do too!!!

I have come to terms with it now though. 13 years have passed, I have tried many jobs since then but nothing felt right until I started playing with nails, and now I am studying to become a nail tech :biggrin:

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