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Jun 10, 2010
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My friend raised a very good question, and i thought id ask you nail geeks as im not sure how to answer:rolleyes:
My friend is going to a spa in a weeks time and they offer cuccio in one and CND in another and she really wants a mani and a pedi.
The BIG question is can she use their products as she has a nut AND milk allergy.. i would say not but i said id ask on here.
They use cuccio honey and butter and CND almond. I said if they had ponegrante and fig in cuccio she might be ok but id ask!!!

I thought this was a very good question as i was going to use one of these products for my business, and need to know!
Is it a surver allergy? If it is then your friend would probably be the best person to know from the ingredient if she can or cant have the treatment with them,
Of course she needs to tell them at the beginning of the treatment when they do the consultation, and they can take it from there ,

Milk allergy's are normally through ingestion e.g., eating it , witch I doubt she will be lol ,

As for nuts well some do have a reaction to touch if she is one of them she would know ,

If it is a mild intolerance and not a deadly anaphylactic shock injucing allergy , and was an ingested and not a contact allergy , if she signed the client record card ,
I would go ahead with the treatment,
If I was in doubt I may do a tiny patch test , and or get the client to bring a doctors note saying that they could ,

I would use an alternatives such as CND citrus spa MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
And CND marine spa pedi.
she is quite bad with it.
she was worried that it will sink in and go into the blood stream.
she rang them and they offer pom and fig, i daid she prob be ok with that one x
My son has a dairy allergy and does react on skin contact! If I were your friend then I would ask ahead to see the MSDS for the products they will be using, that is the only way she will be sure there is no nut or dairy derived's not always as straight forward as looking for "milk" on a label, there are several derivatives some or all of which may cause her a problem.
HTH Lou xx

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