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Dec 3, 2022
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I was hoping to start a nail tech course in the new year & carefully applied a gel builder (reputable Japanese/US brand?) on one nail as a test. All ok so applied to others (overlay for strength rather than extension) and noticed a couple of nails had seperated from the nail bed down the side walls (onycholysis?). The separation happened before removal & no gel product touched skin but my nails are super paper thin. No pain, itching or reaction other than lifting.

I’m resigned to keeping nails as a hobby (regular polish)…. Considering allergy testing (UK) but I'm not sure how reliable it is having been through it once already for an allergy to NSDs. Anyone have any experience they can share?


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The dermatologist would patch test 13 different acrylate ingredients that are those that commonly cause allergies. The reactions are observed after 48 hours and 96 hours. From this you would know which if any, ingredients you react to.

In theory, avoiding these ingredient in other products should mean that you won't react. However, that also depends on how sensitive your immune system has become and that depends on how many ingredient allergies a person has and their genetics. So while using products without the reacting ingredients often works, there is no guarantee.

Having said this, as I understand you applied this gel once or twice. Usually allergies take months or years to develop.

One other cause of onycholysis is excessive heat when curing. Where you using the brands UV lamp?
Thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes it was the first / second application and no symptoms other than the nail bed lifting. I regret not waiting for the delivery of the Kokoist lamp (which I now have) and used a lamp from another brand…. I guess there are so many variables at play and I have such thin nails that it could be any number of reasons.

Thanks for the information on allergy testing, I’ve found a consultant and will be booking in after Christmas.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to pursue certification. I’d really like to invest in either the ikon or LE range and understandably need to be professionally trained

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