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Jul 7, 2010
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Hi Geeks,

I'm hoping you can help me with this one, I have been doing nails for a while but they've always been just standard extensions (ie not nail biters etc).

One of my clients who I did Silk Wraps on last week has come back to me after being beaten up over the weekend. Her nails are mainly broken but a couple of the have been ripped off and she has very little nail left and on one finger she has no nail at all.

How can I make these look better for her, I was unsure of whether I can stick a whole nail over the top of just the skin etc as i don't want to cause any further damage or stop her new nail from growing.

Please help, I feel so sorry for her.
Beaten up...!! how dreadful, poor girl.

Thing is, with no nail there is very little we can could apply a "false" nail using resin such as gelbond to the skin but it wouldn't last longer than a few hours.

If this was my client i would advise her to have all her nails nice and short, tidy and painted...then if she is going out and wants to have the finger with little or no nail to match just apply a little of the nail colour onto her skin for the evening and at a glance no-one will notice she is missing a nail.

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