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Nov 20, 2015
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North West
Hi I am an alopecia areata sufferer. I have patches with no hair but the hair that is left I wish to take care of it. So.. since my hair is curly what treatment do you suggest that i go for to make my hair straight without having to straighten it everytime because i have no idea!

Is it brazilian?
Japanese straightening?
yeah brazilian blowdry, dont get any chemical straightners and things like that it may be to harsh and break your hair. try somthing like kebelo, its slightly cheaper then your usual brazillian blowdry, it lasts similar time of 3 months using the correct shampoos and following the aftercare, and make sure you check with your doctor to make sure its okay, you dont wanna stress your scalp /hair...
also earlier this week we had training in somthing called DBS laboritory, theres 3 different systems, and there APPARENTLY meant to REALLY help with alopecia, they say if you havnt noticed a big difference in 3 months, youll get your money back. the one for you would be DNCN give it a research... ( sorry ive really rabbited on here haha) x
OMG thanks for your reply and help. Yes i will research it right away. Many thanks xxxxx

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